Black History is Every Day, in Every Year

As we celebrate Black history Month, I want to take the time to invite you all to learn more about African American history.  Learn how resilient and steadfast the enslaved community was to survive.  Remember their toil and tribulations. Their hardships and misery.  Remember their spirit of never giving up.  Let us rejoice in their [...]

2.2.22 Mission Statement

Mission Statement, 2.2.22 - To provide an educational vehicle in print and social media on the historical struggles encountered by African Americans through their journey on the road to creating a more perfect union. To dismantle the discourse of miscommunication and lack of understanding towards Blacks and their culture. To give a voice to those [...]

Civil War Days-Manassas Virginia

It seems so long ago when I interpreted at the Manassas, Virginia Civil War Days.  It was 2013 and how naïve I was to think all was well in the world. Since that photo, many feel we are in another Civil War. We have civil discourse unknown in my lifetime. We see levels of racism and [...]

When I was accepted into BIS, it was a dream come true.

  Marion Dobbins BACHELOR OF INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES For most of her adult life, Marion Dobbins had set her heart on earning a degree from the University of Virginia—but her first priority has always been her family. She and her husband raised two daughters—Sheree and Jasmin—and cared for her aging [...]

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