Keeper of Confidence

My basket is woven with splints of purpose.

Housing eggs from chickens, herbs from the garden, or fragrant flowers from the wild.

I carry my basket through my past and into my future.

The Shekere

Listen to the Shekere.  It speaks the language of the ancestors, through Gourd, Netting and Cowries.

Its rhythm invigorates the spirit, mind, body and soul.

A Broad Hoe

An elongated handle, gleaned from wooden timbers, sturdy and strong.

The blade, forged by the fire of suffering cuts the earth with accuracy strengthened by freedom seeking ancestors.


No man’s Property, No Countries Contraband, I am me!

Though my dress be tattered and my hat worn, the glorious scent of freedom nourished my soul.

Ring the Bell

Ring the Bell for Equality through Education:

Jennie S. Dean, the bell ringer and founder of the Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth, Manassas, Virginia.

From 1894 until the 1950s, Ms. Deans’s perseverance, determination, and legacy bolstered the educated of over 6,000 African American students including my Aunt Dolly, Hazel, Irene, Dovella, and Leola.

Dean, an ex-slave with limited education,  found her voice to speak for “Her People” as I found my voice to speak for her.